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A gold certificate is a piece of paper that indicates a claim to a certain quantity or value of gold. Back then, gold certificates were worth their face value in US dollars, and citizens could use them as legal tender. Meanwhile, the gold standard sets the US dollar.

People also used gold certificates to denote ownership of a certain amount of gold, similar to how stock certificates represent ownership of a business. Gold certificates that the United States issued had the same reason associated at the time of its production. Furthermore, the certificates were worth the same as the same denomination in US currency from around 1879 until the US Government phased them out.

Brief History 

Historically, gold certificates were first issued by goldsmiths in London and Amsterdam, who held their customers’ gold bullion in their vaults. The certificates checked the amount of actual gold the owner was storing with the gold professional. Soon, citizens were using them in everyday transactions like cash. 

In the mid-nineteenth century, the United States Treasury followed the gold certificate practice until 1933. This was when the Administration established the Emergency Banking Act, rendering privately owned gold certificates illegal. Gold certificates became a novelty after the Emergency Banking Act, but this novelty resulted in the collectability of gold certificates for big money for collectors and history buffs in the United States.

Many gold certificates in the denominations of $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, and $1,000 were released. Although gold certificates with face values greater than $500 and $1,000 have been released, they are in a much shorter supply and thus command a higher asking price from potential buyers. Gold certificates with lower face values of $10 or $20 on average, usually sell for twice their face value, but they may sell for even more depending on the certificate’s condition.

Many collectors love adding gold certificates to their rare currency collections due to their significance in American history, along with their aesthetically pleasing designs. The vivid orange-gold coloring exhibited by gold certificates on both the front and back of the notes, symbolizes the gold in it- yet another historical feature from an ever-evolving nation displayed through its currency.

Popular Gold Certificate Designs 

With a few exceptions, gold certificates in the United States mimic paper banknotes from the same time span. The designs changed over time, but the majority had bright orange backs and the gold-colored United States seal on the front.

For example, on the face of a $1,000 gold certificate printed in 1907, the denomination is engraved “IN GOLD COIN” underneath a portrait of Alexander Hamilton. On the front of the certificate, there is a gold seal and a gold serial number, as well as the distinctive orange back.

The certificates were basically a parallel currency between 1879 and the time they were phased out, as the value of the dollar was bound to the value of gold. They were legally exchangeable as such, but they were seldom used in everyday transactions.

Value of US Gold Certificates

A few variables determine the value of Gold Certificates. It is important to remember that gold certificates are still completely legal tender, which means that it still has value in the market. Some of these include the following:


In order for a banknote to fetch a premium, there must be a market for it. Gold certificates with smaller print runs are more attractive and sought after when it comes to paper currency. Remember that some old obsolete and scrip notes with low supply and demand are still flocking the market.


You will surely have a bill worth a lot of money if you have a banknote that customers want and in good shape. So, when it comes to deciding the worth of Gold Certificates, the condition is highly crucial.

Fancy Serial Number

The serial number of a bill will affect the value of a Gold Certificate. If you have a bill with a unique or fancy serial number, that alone can increase its value.

Market Conditions

Markets are constantly changing. You need to be aware that prior to the market crash of 2007/2008, the value of Gold Certificate banknotes was sky high, and people were willing to pay a lot of money for them. However, by 2009, the economy had nearly halved, and no one was buying as much as they had been.

US Gold Certificates Buyer

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