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Confederate dollars are paper money printed by the Confederacy of Southern States. These money bills were initially printed by the newly created Confederacy shortly before the American Civil War broke out. It was not backed by any tangible assets but rather by a promise to pay the holder after the war if the South won and gained independence. Its worth decreased as the Civil War progressed, and victory for the South became less and less certain. However, following the Confederacy’s fall, its currency lost all value, and both individuals and banks suffered significant losses.


The Confederate States of America (CSA) or mostly referred to as the Confederate States or Confederacy, issued the Confederate States dollar in April 1861. The Confederate dollar was often referred to as “Greyback”. The Civil War broke out shortly after.

The currency was not supported by hard assets but rather a promise to pay the bearer after the war. This was built on the anticipation of a Southern triumph and independence. As the Civil War progressed, so did the prospect of Southern victory, and the confederate currency slowly lost its value. After the loss of the Confederacy, the Confederate currency completely lost its value, and a lot of individuals and banks lost a huge amount of money.


Due to the lack of resources such as secure printing offices and equipment, as well as skilled engravers, the Confederacy had to improvise. The early banknotes that were released had unrelated designs printed on them. Some notes had abstract illustrations of mythological beings, like the Goddess of Liberty.

Confederate designs usually depict historical figures like George Washington and naval vessels. Pictures of slaves portrayed in daily labor were also included in the currency. However, out of the 72 notes that were issued by the Confederacy, only five designs have slaves depicted on them.

Politicians and businessmen who were supporters of the Confederate states who were featured in the confederate notes include Alexander H. Stephens, Andrew Jackson, Christopher Memminger, Clement Clay, George W. Randolph, Jefferson Davis, Judah P. Benjamin, Robert M. T. Hunter, and Lucy Holcombe Pickens who was known as the Queen of the Confederacy and the wife of the Governor of South Carolina. One of the bills also featured George Washington.


As the Civil War progressed, the monetary cost also increased. Precious metals that were available in the South were used to purchase war goods in Europe. However, the Confederacy was able to mint a few coins. The Confederacy commissioned Robert Lovett Jr. in 1861 to design, engrave and struck a one-cent coin for the CSA. 

The Confederacy captured U.S. Mint facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dahlonega, Georgia, and New Orleans, Louisiana. The Confederate Treasury took the bullion reserves that were stored in facilities. However, C.G Memminger the head of the treasury deduced that the cost of minting coins was cost-ineffective. 

Confederate half dollars were minted in late April 1861 in the New Orleans Mint. 


Banknotes with 50¢, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500 and $1,000 denominations were also issued by the Confederate Treasury. These notes carry various obligations, designs, and issuers. There were 72 different types of notes from seven different “series” released from 1861 until 1864. 

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