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Sell Confederate Dollars

Confederate dollars are paper money printed by the Confederate States or the Confederacy. These bills were initially printed by the newly created Confederacy shortly before the Civil War broke out. It was not backed by any tangible assets but rather by a promise to pay the holder after the war if the South won and gained independence. Today confederate dollars are still sought-after by collectors and can rake up a sizable value. Learn about where to sell Confederate Money and the value of Confederate Money in this blog. 


The Confederate States of America (CSA), mostly referred to as the Confederate States or Confederacy, issued the Confederate States dollar in April 1861. People would often refer to the Confederate dollar as “Greyback.” Then, the Civil War broke out shortly after.

The currency did represent hard assets. Instead, it serves as a promise to pay the bearer after the war. It was built on the anticipation of a Southern triumph and independence. As the Civil War progressed, so did the prospect of Southern victory, and the confederate currency slowly lost its value. After the loss of the Confederacy, the Confederate currency completely lost its value, and a lot of individuals and banks lost a huge amount of money. If you decide to sell Confederate Money, you ought to know its history to give your buyers the impression that you know what you are doing. This way, you can avoid low-ballers and get what you deserve for the value of your Confederate Money.

Sell Confederate Money

Selling Confederate Money can sometimes have something to do with its design and coinage. Certain collectors do the best they can to acquire specific versions of Confederate Money, so it pays to know its features.


Due to the lack of resources such as secure printing offices and equipment and skilled engravers, the Confederacy had to improvise. They released banknotes early, which featured related designs on them. Some notes had abstract illustrations of mythological beings, like the Goddess of Liberty. Also, confederate designs usually depict historical figures like George Washington and naval vessels. The currency also bore pictures of slaves performing daily labor. However, out of the 72 notes that the Confederacy issued, only five designs have slaves depicted on them.

Confederate Money featured politicians and businessmen who supported the Confederate States. These people include Jefferson Davis, Judah P. Benjamin, Robert M. T. Hunter, and Lucy Holcombe Pickens, who was the Queen of the Confederacy. One of the bills also featured George Washington. Thanks to these people, you can now sell Confederate Money to earn cash.


As the Civil War progressed, the monetary cost also increased. In addition, people used precious metals from the South to purchase war goods in Europe. Finally, however, the Confederacy was able to mint a few coins. The Confederacy commissioned Robert Lovett Jr. in 1861 to design, engrave, and struck a one-cent coin for the CSA. The US Government had Confederate half dollars minted around late April 1861 at the New Orleans Mint.

Then, the Confederacy captured U.S. Mint facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dahlonega, Georgia, and New Orleans, Louisiana. The Confederate Treasury took the bullion reserves from facilities. However, the head of the treasury, C.G Memminger, deduced that the price of minting coins was cost-ineffective. 


The Confederate Treasury also issued banknotes with 50¢, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500 and $1,000 denominations. These notes carry various obligations, designs, and issuers. They released a total of 72 different types of notes from seven different “series” from 1861 up to 1864. 

Where to Sell Confederate Money

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